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Privacy and confidentiality are crucial for any organization or individual wanting to transact in a global ecosystem, and the full benefits of digitization can only be realized if all participants have absolute confidence in the systems and processes underpinning digital transactions. We must be sure that what is sent across open public networks will not be lost, altered or intercepted along the way, and that there is certainty about the identity of all senders and receivers.

DigitalTrust aims to help companies and individuals progress their levels of cyber protection to ensure cyber resilience throughout their organization, against a backdrop of growing threats.

Our ultimate goal is to establish trust between participating parties in a virtual world, so that any transaction may proceed in a trusted and secure way.

Who we are

Who we are

DigitalTrust is responsible for establishing the full spectrum of trust services, based on three pillars:

Confidentiality: We ensure that whether at rest or moving across a network (including the public internet), nobody except the intended recipients is able to read or view the data.

Integrity: We allow both sender and recipient to be confident that the data has not been altered or modified along the way.

Authentication: We ensure that each party involved in a transaction is authorized to make whatever transactions they are performing.

What we do

What we do

Our approach recognizes that while public key infrastructure (PKI) is one of the most effective tools available today to achieve digital certainty and trust, like a chain, it is only as strong as its weakest link.

We work with clients with the understanding that any PKI implementation must be dynamic and flexible enough to cover the tremendous diversity of applications. Our services include:

  • Development and streamlining of detailed policies and procedures to support PKI operations.
  • Development of an organization’s PKI architecture providing custom design and resourcing, technology evaluations, infrastructure procurement, and webserver TLS/SSL certificates.
  • A detailed assessment of identity usage.
  • Establishment of on-premise identity management platforms to facilitate the digitization of services and process workflows.
  • Retail CA web portal to order and manage publicly trusted certificates, review of individual orders, direct pay and notifications on renewals.
  • High volume delivery of certificates through the web API interface for organizations that require large numbers of certificates.
  • Customization of privately trusted certificates for servers, individuals, or IoT devices executed through DigitalTrust’s web interface or web APIs (private certificates).
Why Digital Trust?

Why DigitalTrust?

DigitalTrust is the only publicly trusted commercial Certification Authority (CA) based in the Middle East. Our location caters to the local market in the local language.

Four current trends that make DigitalTrust services relevant for individuals and businesses are:

  • Dependency on mobile devices – Governments and companies are increasingly making services available on mobile platforms first such as Digital ID, vehicle licensing etc.
  • Strong authentication and digital signing – Businesses are shifting the physical signing of paperwork to digital channels as it is faster than paperwork and more secure, efficient and reliable.
  • Internet of Things - More devices are becoming connected to the internet, and there is a need for them to be identified to safeguard a secure network.
  • Smart cities - Modern cities are becoming digital first and DigitalTrust can provide secure channels for communications to occur.
Our achievements

Our achievements

  • WebTrust audited for Certification Authorities, Baseline Requirements and Extended Validation
  • ISO 27001 accredited operations
  • IGTF accredited (research supercomputing)
  • Trust services provider for UAE, under the TRA. DigitalTrust PKI operates under Service Provider License CSP-[001\17] issued by Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of the United Arab Emirates on the 18th of May 2017.

WebTrust Seals

DigitalTrust is also an official WebTrust certified Certificate Authority and has been granted WebTrust Seal of Assurance with respect to the Trust Service Principle of Certification Authorities.

The new WebTrust seals can be found linked below:

WTEV Seal can be viewed by clicking here.

WTBR Seal can be viewed by clicking here.

WTCA Seal can be viewed by clicking here.

Webtrust Audit report 2019-20 can be downloaded from below

DigitalTrust WebTrust EV SSL - Independent Auditor EV Report 2019-20, view.

DigitalTrust WebTrust CA - Independent Auditor CA Report 2019-20, view.

DigitalTrust WebTrust BR - Independent Auditor BR Report 2019-20, view.