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Digital Certificate Services

Digital Certificate Services

DigitalTrust is an official WebTrust certified Certification Authority and has been granted WebTrust seals of assurance enabling us to issue publicly-trusted digital certificates.

  • Servers

DigitalTrust Extended Validation (EV) TLS/SSL Certificates offer the highest degree of authentication and protection, ensuring that your web-based services reflect the highest industry standards and that you and your customers can be assured that the data transmitted through them incorporates this level of security. DigitalTrust Organization Validated (OV) SSL Certificates help your organization establish secure data communication conduits via TLS/SSL protocols. Multiple options are available to cater to your needs, such as certificates based on either RSA or ECC keys.

  • Individual

DigitalTrust supplies Individual Certificates such as Authentication Certificates, S/MIME Certificates, and Document-Signing Certificates. These certificates are used for specialized data encryption and authentication purposes, including strong two-factor authentication, confidentiality and integrity of emails, and digital signing of documents, including MS Word and PDF formats.

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Managed PKI Services

Managed PKI

DigitalTrust offers managed PKI solutions by giving access to Digital Certificates without the need to buy, establish, operate and protect an in-house CA, resulting in reduced project costs and a fast time to market.

We manage PKI at different levels including country, enterprise and global community. We provide enterprises with a highly functional, trustworthy, WebTrust audited environment to manage the lifecycle of their Digital Certificates.

National PKI Services

National PKI Services

DigitalTrust supports national federal authorities in establishing a best-in-class national PKI infrastructure. This includes creating a National Root Certificate Authority (CA) and sub-CAs for various government and private sector entities in countries we currently operate in. We also support the design and rollout of the hardware, certificate lifecycle and token management, registration and ongoing system monitoring.

We are already managing national PKI for countries including UAE and Iraq. We have helped UAE federal authorities in establishing a best-in-class national PKI infrastructure.

Professional Services

Professional Services

We provide a range of services to organizations looking to implement their own PKI architecture, including PKI advisory services and a range of managed services.

For organizations implementing their own PKI architecture, we can develop a bespoke design, detail their resource requirements, support the issuance of RFPs, help review submissions, and procure the required infrastructure.

DigitalTrust Registration Authority service provides the capability for organizations to manage the authentication of users and devices via either an on premise or cloud-based solution. For software app developers, we provide advisory on how organizations can seamlessly incorporate PKI architecture and services into their own apps.

Digital Certificate Services


As part of many organisational and public sector transformations, the streamlining of documents and workflows becomes a critical enabler to success. Digital Signatures are being increasingly used, and legally recognised across the spectrum of use cases. Through Signature-as-a-Service (SaaS), organisations can reduce risk, improve productivity and maintain integrity and non-repudiation in the digital world.

DTSigner, the only sovereign e-signature solution in the UAE, supports cloud, SaaS and on-premise configurations. You will be able to originate and digitally sign documents within DTSigner and keep a comprehensive audit trail, including version changes.